Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Angel's Landing

Turns out words are pretty inadequate for today's adventures. We hiked Angels Landing--check out that link because he does a better job of expressing what was involved.

It is a strenuous hike gaining 1,500 feet in elevation, the last half mile is on an exposed fin with drop offs of thousands of feet on each side. You hang onto a chain on an exposed rock face. It is not recommended for young kids, those scared of heights or anyone out of shape.

It was breathtaking. It was scary but we ALL did it. When we approached the beginning of the fin we waited as a big group of intrepid-looking folks came down. They were all saying, "no way, we just can't do it." Of course, we proceeded and we did do it! I am very proud of all of us. Ask us about it when we get home--I am still dumb-struck at what we did today. Look closely at the second picture, we circled people in yellow. The trail on that fin is about 3 feet wide--and check out the drop off on the right.

Yea, we climbed that! Canyoneering tomorrow . . .

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denise said...

wow! i have known about that trail now for a few years...don't think i could do it (I can't stand on the edge of a roof or by the window on a really high skyscraper floor). wowza. beautiful though!