Sunday, April 18, 2010


Do I look 36? It's my birthday today!

I built a compost bin for our community garden from junk on the curb. This has nothing to do with my birthday, I was just proud of myself. A fabulous day doing yard work and silly things. We went out to my parents' place for b-day celebrations, my mom and Evie came up with an Indian theme and we feasted and danced. I received three books I can't wait to delve into, a gift certificate for more Zumba, some mad money, tiger's eye and eucalyptus oil from Evie and new sports bras from Scott (I love my practical man--they're merino!). As is birthday tradition, Scott and Evie and I will head to the Banff Mountain Film Festival tomorrow night. It was a spectacular birthday and the beginning of what I think will be my best year to date.

Crazy day tomorrow--I LOVE it!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Jen!! woohoo!
Have a fabulous week. :)

Eluciq said...

happy birthday Jen!

Looks like a fabulous day well the compost box!

mk said...

April babies ROCK.

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Oh, Happy Bday, Jen. Wow, I went 1 day without reading your blog and so much happened! You guys do rock!!!

Sandra Dodd said...

I love that cake!! Beautiful. (I love compost bins too, but the cake was prettier. :-)

denise said...

happy belated birthday!