Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Day Our World Blew Open

Ten years ago today we became parents and our lives improved forever.


Eluciq said...

seriously tears...i can not believe our kiddo's are 10...and you are so right about our lives improving with these humans that are part of us!

happy 10 are one special person that brings an ENERGY to this world that ENLIGHTENS! we are so proud to know you and only wish we were closer to celebrate 10!!!!

♥ hugs ♥

Stephanie said...

Two gorgeous pictures of Evie!

Isn't that the truth!
"Blew open" is just right - wide, wide open - so big and grand and Everything!!! - it is all so insignificant and inconsequential before they were here to show us how Grand it all can be.
Mucho blessings to Evie - and happy 10 all throughout the year!

jtikkun said...

You made me tear up too. I love it and I've only had my children around 4 years!

p.s. the middle picture (if you exclude the extra arm) is professional quality. Hair style, layout, background, truly priceless!