Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Princess of Power

Any of you remember She-Ra? I can't quite remember how it came up today, but thanks to HULU we were treated to both He-Man and She-Ra. The line that sent us rolling off the bed (from She-Ra) was "Well broil me in butter and call me a flounder!"

Evie also made a lock-pick set and continued her exploration of the "spy arts." This link was definitely the best source of info.

Skating and sledding to clear the very stuffed head took up some of the afternoon. It was cold, clear and glassy ice. A photographer from the local paper came to take pics--he has photographed Evie twice before, one of those times ice skating. We'll see if she is in the paper tomorrow. That led us home to look at all our other press clippings. I like our life a whole lot and am glad so many others find it interesting--more on that another day.

Off to a movie (from Netflix) and ricotta with strawberry sauce. Nice!

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