Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How much does joy cost?

Turns out joy costs about $7.50. I went to Goodwill yesterday and picked up a hot roller brush, curling iron and hair dryer. I surprised Evie with them this afternoon. I haven't seen her that wildly excited a long time. She styled and experimented and had a wonderful time.

It is a great feeling to know your kid, know how to surprise them and be able to come with tiny things that celebrate and support their interests. $7.35 is a bargain!


Eluciq said...

love it...wish she was here to style my hair...or better yet wash it...i would let her play with my hair anyday!

oh so know your child...and it is cool when you can give her that little surprise and bring such joy to her face!

i love this!!!!!

mommypie said...

Love the pictures and the fun : )!

Stephanie said...


Except I shuddered when I saw that curling iron - I've got naturally curly (relaxed curl) hair, and when I was like 12 tried one of those out (I don't know why) and got my hair so tangled up in it! I cried and was so frustrated.... I steer FAR away from round hair brushes and such, now! :) oof.

That's so awesome that you found them and knew she would love them... and of course she did. :)