Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ringing Bells

One of our favorite holiday traditions is ringing bells for the Salvation Army. I have to admit that I don't agree with all the politics of the SA but I do agree with the work they do. When I lived in Zimbabwe I lived with a very strict SA family for about a month. They firmly believed that charity was the way to personal growth. For our family, ringing bells has been an easy way to give to our community and interact with all sorts of people at the holidays. This year we got to ring at our very favorite place (I had to reserve in August). It is in a busy mall, there was live music, beautiful decorations and TONS of people. (Also the world record holding gingerbread man--24'--real gingerbread!) We went out for dinner afterward then came home to get ready for tomorrow. It was a wonderful family day.

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mk said...

I would empty my wallet into the bucket of those two good-lookin' bell ringers!