Sunday, December 13, 2009

Overall? Quite grateful.

Well, it has been an interesting few days. Our home owners insurance won't pay for the looming tree to be removed (preventatively) but would be happy to pay if the tree falls and smashes our house in two--presumably more expensive than just cutting down the tree. So, we will change a few plans and pay for the tree to be removed--sad. I will be able to plant blueberries on that part of the yard now--happy.

We had gingerbread building with 4H, a great concert from Evie's friend (violin), Sankta Lucia Day (best ever, that girl can make coffee!) and decorating.

Off tonight for a walk in the dark to the home of friends for the next installment of Harry Potter.

More 4H tomorrow. I will be bragging about Evie in tomorrow's post.

I am trying to slow down for a bit, take it all in and ENJOY!!!!!

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Sunflower Hill Farm said...

I betcha next year, she'll be too big to put on Scott's shoulders! I'm sorry about the tree situation. We had that, too. Fun, isn't it.....

Sounds like your life is full and fun.