Friday, December 18, 2009

I am so lucky

I am just feeling darn lucky today. I got to plan a fabulous week of food and festivities with and for my family, then I got to go to the grocery store and get just what I wanted. I got to put presents under the tree. I got to pay my property tax bill in full because my bank calculated my escrow properly. My homeowners insurance paid for removing the thousands of pounds of dead wood from my front yard. I got to make an appointment to have my oil changed. I got to say "YES!" to Evie when she asked to try something new. I got to watch two people gleefully skip down our steps with beautiful stilts made by Scott, ready for Christmas. I got to going skiing two days in a row, with the promise of many more days to come. I got order a remedy for my itchy cat. I got to buy a book on a whim. I got to do my laundry!

We are approaching the darkest day of the year, I can feel the sun coming back already!

I am so lucky!


mk said...

Oh- thank you for the reminder that we are approaching longer days SOON. I can't wait.

Sandra Dodd said...

Only three more days of longer days, right? :-)

mommypie said...

I always leave your blog feeling refreshed and inspired. You are all such good people!

Eluciq said...

lucky indeed!