Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today our 4H group raked leaves for folks who can no longer get out and do it themselves and who don't have family or friends who offer to do it. Only one of the folks was able to come to the door, we was a veteran in his eighties, working on learning how to use a computer and so appreciative of the task we were doing. So easy for us, so meaningful to him. We didn't meet any of the other folks we raked. I knocked on all the doors, they had been told ahead of time that we were coming, but whether moving was too hard or accepting help was too hard, it really made us all think about the power of relationships.

All day we also waited on news about a friend who was having major brain surgery. The surgery went extremely well, the recovery will be challenging but okay. This family is surrounded by community, thousands of hits on their website, 600 comments on a single post. Facebook, Skype, Twitter and old-fashioned blogging allowed a HUGE group of us to rally around this family throughout the day as we read updated and interacted with the family and each other. This family is one in which once you are a friend, you are a part of their family. Relationships are so powerful.

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