Friday, October 30, 2009

Ummm . . .

My watch stopped working a few days ago, is that where all the time is flying to?

Last night we were treated to chapters 2 & 3 of Harry Potter #1 performed by Evie and two friends. They plan to do every chapter of every book. I think the older girls will be about 17 when they are through. They rotate parts, I have to say that last night's highlight was the 5 year old as Uncle Vernon--she totally rocked it.

Made my first batch of Christmas cookies today--yay freezers.

I am really enjoying watching The Pretender on Hulu.

Tomorrow is Halloween. There will be pictures.


Stephanie said...

Love the big plans for the will-be seventeen year olds. :)
Made me laugh.
And the five year old. That did, too.
Cookies, huh? I haven't even made the halloween ones yet. hmph.

Diane said...

I love Hulu. I watch just about everything on it.

mommypie said...

Oooo, Christmas cookies in the freezer. I love it and will copy that idea. Now my December grocery bill won't be as atrocious as usual. Fabulous Halloween pictures, by the way--such scary food : )!