Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Frontiers

Evie informed us on Sunday night that this was to be the best week of her life (thus far). Yesterday was a day of transporting herself to a friend's house via bike all by herself (it is a fair distance), rehearsing Harry Potter #1, chapters 2&3 with friends and basketball. Today was spent with another friend at the horse barn with her mom and brother and her TWO horses! She rode bareback, groomed, watched a farrier and ran wild. Tomorrow is the same horse friend and swim team, Thursday is another new adventure, Friday she and my mom open TwirlySwirl--more on that to come.

Oh, and we made apple dolls too.


Eluciq said...

sounds like a pretty glorious week to me! what a fabulous week of learning, doing, connecting, being!

Stephanie said...

Riding her bike to a friend's house is HUGE!
If Trev rode to Damek's... (it's a mile away)... well. :)

The apple dolls look great! Mine are still just heads. lol

Shine on, Evie!!