Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wherefore art thou . . .

Today Evie woke up saying, "I think I'll read some Shakespeare!" Yesterday's episode of WordGirl involved a production of Romeo and Juliet. Today Evie decided to read through all the stories in here. She has 12th Night and Taming of the Shrew practically memorized but others are less well-known. She declared Macbeth "a tragic muddle" and then a friend came over. With only a brief interlude for a very tough swim team practice they have been re-enacting Romeo and Juliet with Evie's Barbie dolls. I wish it was all tape-recorded, it has been AWESOME!

The Barbies spent a good 6 months out in the guest room on Paradise Island back in 2006. My favorite over heard line today was, "I'm really dreadfully sorry Romeo, your Juliet is dead. Now let's go back to the disco party scene!"

I just happened to pick up a biography of the Bard at a book sale some time ago . . . and he appeared in a series of great interest
recently . . . sometimes the universe offers a hand in strewing.

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Stephanie said...

Seriously cracking up over here.
We've only delved into Midsummer so far, but Trev loved that one!