Monday, September 07, 2009

Today's Labors

We woke up to a hot air balloon outside the window!

Today we climbed Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire. It is the second most climbed mountain after Mt. Fuji. It is 3,165 feet tall with a gorgeous view. We went up via the hardest possible route to avoid crowds. There was a some serious hand and feet rock climbing for awhile and twisty-turny rocky trails the whole way. A challenging adventure and a good one. Swimming in the neighbors pond (a family tradition) rounded out the day. Tomorrow we go home and resume our regular adventures (is there even such thing?)


Eluciq said...

What a lovely day! Mt. Monadnock is a pretty fun hike...we had plans to do it with the boys' this summer, but we were rained out!

Oh and no you don't have a regular schedule...that is why I keep coming back to your blog...that and well we kinda like you guys too!

Safe Travels!

Stephanie said...


I always think our (my family's) days are kind of the same, and then I look at the last week, and I think, No, it's not. :)
It just feels comfortable and familiar because it's our life!