Friday, June 05, 2009

Out and About

We set out for a State Park with a swimming pool this morning. Despite checking and re-checking that the pool would be open, we got there and were told it was closed "since school isn't out we didn't expect many people to show up and it was supposed to be cold." Haarumph! Damn school year! We run up gainst this often. I understand about budgets. I am still annoyed with our culture.

Anyway, we had a great hike, saw beautiful views and a nice picnic. We took some back roads, found a house for sale that we fell in love with, went antiquing in a cute town, ate some chocolate, went to a historical museum, went to a mustard museum, stopped at the library where we were rewarded by seeing good friends and getting a million good books.

Projects are planned for the weekend but it looks like rain--that means projects get canceled and there are adventures to be had!


Eluciq said...

it is not schools that run our pool but is open from memorial day to labor day. sorry you were denied what a bummer!

but a disappointment looks like it turned itself into a great day!

Stephanie said...

We have serious HSer syndrome.... we like to cram things into the week after Memorial Day and before school gets out... you can't expect spoiled HSers to go to those sorts of things when the public enmasse does!! :) Shame on them for not being open.

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hey, girlie. Sounds like you might have been out here in my neck of the woods. Any chance you see moving to that great house in your future? Now that would be great!


Lynch Family said...

Jodi: I don't think we are moving but this house is OMG fabulous!