Monday, May 04, 2009

Keep Moving Forward

One of my all-time favorite movies.

With that in mind, Sunday took us to a log rolling tournament. Evie place 2nd in her division and 1st in girls speed rolling (how many times can you spin the log in 30 seconds).

Today we were at the lovely Inn Serendipity for a homeschoolin' day of alternative energy fun. I am always in Awe of what Lisa, John and Liam are up to. It was a day of connecting with old friends I haven;t seen in years, and new friends I has never met in person! (Hi Laura!) It did a body good. I am renewed. That is a good thing because we continue to have wacky chickens and I am having some weird stomach thing that is impeding running--not good when there are only 20 days until the marathon.

Enjoy the pics, that last one is papayas in the straw bale green house. Yes, we live in Wisconsin.


piscesgrrl said...

Woohoo - so cool to meet you!! I have more pics - how best to send them to you?

denise said...

Oh - I have been wanting to go there for years! They always have their sustainable living days on weekends we have firm commitments. That sounds like the most amazing place to visit with homeschoolers! AND you got to meet Laura! I'm jealous! :)

Lynch Family said...

Laura-I would love to see more of yru pics, you can email them to me, address is in the profile section of blog or on my facebook page.

Denise- Now we just have to meet face to face!