Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Farmers market to get Scott and Evie's favorite vegetable (renamed "asparakiss" by Evie because she loves it so).
Unicycle practice
Brush trimming
Visiting with dying neighbor--hard stuff
Fancy lunch
Mrs.Piggle-Wiggle . . . again . . LOVE the radish cure
Pet snuggling
4Hplan making
Fair projects
Mama computer work
Rice cooking
Archery tonight?


Grace said...

We love ms. piggle wiggle too. my girls age 3 and just 6 have listened to all of them on cd.

my girls love their veggies but can't get them into asparakiss! They will eat salad, brocoli, kale, spinach but no asparakiss. Tried again the other night - do you just steam it? I tried steamed with butter and it was a no go. Oh, well.

Enjoy your blog!

Lynch Family said...

Drizzled with olive oil and grilled. OMG so good!

Evie also commented today that although she is generally "so-so" on spinach the stuff in our back yard is delicious. It makes such a difference when they plant it!

denise said...

Oooh, where do you find good archery in town? We have tried two places and they were really dark, spooky, camo pickup truck secret handshake adult male kinds of places...not little boys shooting arrows. I was so into archery when I was younger...even had a range in my backyard for a few years. Super fun! :)

Hope she is feeling better!

Lynch Family said...

Denise: Yup, feeling better, still a little slow. As for archery, we found an old bow on the curb years ago, Scott strung it and we bought 6 youth arrows, made a target out of pink foam insulation and take it all to a nearby field--that's all it is!