Thursday, April 23, 2009


Evie in the morning.

The Banff Festival of Mountain Films was AWESOME last night. BASE jumping is crazy. I was totally inspired (NOT TO BASE JUMP) and I really want to learn filmmaking. I plan to be a documentary filmmaker after I am a reference librarian and an international spy (only eco-peace missions of course, LOL!).

Today we planted a few things in our community garden--all hail the brassicas!

Evie has been sucked into two new series: Artemis Fowl and Children Of The Lamp She has been lost in that world for most of the day, I think she is already in #3 of Children of the Lamp.

We recently finished reading (aloud) The Wee Free Men . I was a daunted by the back cover which described the story as a cross between "Celtic mythology and Buffy the Vampire Slayer"--we all loved it and just picked up the sequel today.

We have peregrine falcons nesting in the city (MG&E stacks on Wash. if you live in town). This one came shopping on our street today.


Eluciq said...

WOW...a beautiful bird hanging out on your cool!

Sounds like a great day...and that Evie is looking very grown up.

I think you would be good at about anything you tried your hand at!

Madeline said...

Cool pictures of the peregrine falcon! We are reading "My Side of the Mountain" in which a peregrine falcon is one of the main characters. Great timing.

Lynch Family said...

Madeline: Love the book--and all the sequels! I always look at giant trees as a potential home now!