Sunday, March 29, 2009

Evie hits the airwaves

A few weeks ago we were at a log rolling tournament in Oconomowoc. A man from WI Public Radio was there as a field reported for the WBUR (Boston) show "It's Only a Game." He was doing a story on log rolling.

He took a lot of pictures, interviewed some coaches including Evie's. He also asked who they thought he should interview. They all pointed at Evie. She was articulate, funny and expansive. The radio story includes only a snippet of her but you can listen!

It's Only a Game: Logrolling To fast forward to her part hit "Listen to the Show" and drag the progress bar until there are about 8 minutes left of the show. (Embedding just her part proved too taxing for my brain.)

How did a Boston radio show learn about log rolling in WI? Enter Scott's mom! She happened to sit next to the show's host, Bill Littlefield, at a WBUR dinner. They got to talking, she bragged about her granddaughter, he got intrigued, she did an amazing follow-up job and BAM, log rolling makes public radio!


denise said...

Cool! Congrats Evie.

Sandra Dodd said...

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Wow! How cool is that. sounds like so much fun (not the knocking the wind out of Scott part, I can just imagine myself....).

You guys are the coolest family ever!

ktoy said...

That is SO awesome!!! You guys are amazing! :)