Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Use Your Imagination

Some weeks it is a real challenge to take pictures of our everyday life. This week is DEFINITELY one of those weeks. So, use your imagination to picture what we have been up to . . .

Tuesday we spent hours at the Humane Society cuddling 6 giant rats and 5 gerbils. Evie is well known at the Humane Society so she was asked to name and handle the gerbils even though they weren't officially "in the system" yet. They had been abandoned in a box with a box of snakes . . . they were being raised as snake food. Evie let the various rodents take turns up her shirt, in her sleeves, all the rats settled right into her lap, one even nuzzled her like a cat would. Of course she wanted to take them all home--we didn't.

Today we spent a loud day at a waterpark with a friend thanks to free tickets through Scott's work. The friend had never been to a waterpark before and was very intrepid. Imagine two wet girls holding hands, traipsing around together giggling and deciding what to do next. They encouraged each other on the surfing ride and the friend cheered when Evie finally got the courage to try the "toilet bowl" ride--imagine being flushed and you get the idea. They giggled all the way home, talking about books, as always.

Our luck continued and we got to go see the The "World Famous" Lipizzaner Stallions, also free, courtesy of Scott's work. They were spectacular! Elegant, graceful, playful and proud, it was a great way to end a day.

Imagine a happy kid, happy parents, lots of animal fur, out in the world, living life. More horses tomorrow!

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Stephanie said...

How fun!!
Not the toilet bowl, though. Dizzy is one of my worst nightmares.

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