Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So many thoughts

It is hard to be 8, almost 9. One has the weight of the world, the first true awareness of death and the sensory overload of everyone's emotions. It has been an exhausting week . . . wait, it is only Wednesday!

We slept late, went to a movie (Hotel for Dogs), ate popcorn for lunch and went running. When Scott sent me the following video it just made me cry. There is so much to do in this world--how do I help Evie do what she sees needs doing without letting her bury herself?


nola said...

What a great video! New Orleans has so much rainfall (#3 city in the US I think ...about 64 inches/year) but hardly anybody is having these conversations.

So much consciousness-raising to do here, without sacrificing a very wonderful and endearing laissez-faire life.

denise said...

What an awesome video.

We wonder the same thing with the boys. How do you find the balance with young people? Build a consciousness of the things happening without a feeling of despair. Have a feeling of helping/making a difference, without being overwhelmed with the big picture. Feel compassion and work for change without getting so angry or feeling too discouraged. We are going slowly, gently. That is also why I love hearing about Evie and her projects. :)