Saturday, February 14, 2009


We live in the middle of the city, we can walk to our downtown in about 15 minutes. Today we walked one mile south to a garden expo (lots of plants, lots of pretties, lots of books, lots of dreaming) and then one mile to the south to a festival of delight for families. Evie was on stilts for awhile, we saw friends we haven't seen in a LONG time, we held walking sticks (the bugs) and hissing cockroaches, we learned about new places to go and things to do, we watched best friends play the violin, we had fun.

Then we went to dinner (thanks to Uncle Ducks) with a tired daddy (thanks to aforementioned garden expo). Tomorrow Evie and I head north to roll logs (her, not me), see friends and family and go to museums.

I will bring my camera, I just have to remember to use it!


Eluciq said...

oh...i just love your life...and this is why homeschooling just didn't work for us...we were just too far from anything and everything...we needed so much more than our two yurts and our big backyard...

just lovely...lovely...lovely!!!! If things don't work out here...then madison here we come to homeschool with like minded folks! :)

denise said...

Oooh, hissing cockroaches. We see those when we go the MPM sometimes. Cool stuff.

We ran into your husband today at the Garden Expo as we walked around. :) Was nice to get out a bit and look around!