Monday, February 16, 2009


A new season, a new division. She has tougher competitors and she had a MAJOR shoe malfunction (as in, they came off in the middle of a match) but she took second place to the girl she is dumping in picture #2. We will get new shoes, hopefully the next tournament will be bigger. This one was good for her, she is not automatically on top anymore. A tough lesson, but also kind of a relief to her. Now she knows what it feels like to lose a bit in competition, she was disappointed but really liked the girl who beat her. This tournament was short and sweet.

Dinner with family, breakfast with a friend I have known since we were 12! Then the long drive home.

Good night!


Stephanie said...

Those moments are tough.
But I'm usually a bit grateful for them anyway... as I'm not the one causing the distress or disappointment, and there's nothing I can do about it.
Make sense?
I kind of appreciate the adversity... in a "It Is What It Is" sense.

Shana said...

And we hate to be the ones making excuses... but it really was her shoe that caused her to lose that match!
Losing is good for all of us... it's just hard to stomach when it happens!
She will have a wonderful year.

mk said...

How about a pair of FiveFingers from Vibram?

Lynch Family said...

Megan-you're so sweet! The 5 fingers doesn't have a stiff enough bottom, we are going with the TEVA sunkosi I think. Thanks though!