Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We are back. It was great. We skied in less than one mile to the first yurt. It was luxurious and the woodstove really cranked out the heat. After a great night's sleep we skied the longest tracked wilderness trail in NA. Our first day was 14 miles. In parts the trail was so narrow and twisty even Evie had to duck! Yurt number 2 was considerably more rustic and was smack in the middle of a wolf pack's territory. We learned to howl to ask for a response. No wolves that night due to a freak storm with 50 mph winds that battered out tiny yurt! Eight miles of skiing the next day, windy, colder and snowing, we all agreed we could have done without the last three miles! All in all 22 miles, tons of moose tracks, wolf scat, saw two grouse, has a great time.

Words can't quite express it all, we are tired, I am swamped with work and I have 9 million other posts running through my head--enjoy a few pics and ignore the lame narrative!

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denise said...

Wowza. SOunds great! Lovely photos.