Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mendenbar's Castle

Okay, so Scott's computer doesn't have iPhoto so posting pics is a little more challenging but I think I am going to survive this computer nightmare. An unbelievably amazing person offered to loan me a computer for awhile, we will see if everyone in our family can share, if not, I may take her up on it.

It snowed 8+ inches today, I have shoveled WAAAAAY too many times. Our neighbor (who is 80 and used to be the neighborhood pharmacist) is having terrible lower back and leg pain so we are shoveling him out too-tiny driveway and sidewalk so not much extra.

It wasn't quite a nice, quiet snow day at home because I had two meetings and we kept having to shovel! In the midday Evie and I made 7 (yes, that is SEVEN) batches of gingerbread to the construction of this year's house, an imaginative rendering of Mendenbar's castle from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede (too tired and missing to many bookmarks to make that a link).

Family coming this weekend for a big b-day bash for Scott, must keep house clean, buy more coffee and new kitchen sponges.

Carry on people, carry on.


Eluciq said...

wow...i am jealous of all that snow...we have a dusting...that is it...a bit strange for us...but we are enjoying the easy get around...hee :)

big bday for scott...yippee...but it is NOT THE BIG bday...as I recall he is younger than rick..or are they the same age...if that is the case then scott would be turning 40...is that right?

have a great week...and save all those photos for a nice blog entry when you have access to iPhoto!

hugs :)

Lynch Family said...

Yup--it is the big 4-0! We are having a space-themed hoedown chez Lynch, I am not sure our poor house can fit all these people!

denise said...

Oh yes, the wind was blowing so much it felt like we shoveled ALL DAY (well, we did!)!!! Lots of baking here too. Feels right when the snow is coming down.