Sunday, November 02, 2008

La Dia de los Muertos

Halloween was the best ever this year, spending it with friends is excellent. We had Dumbledore (my awesome dad), Hagrid (Scott), Hermione (Evie), a Bowtruckle (me), a vampiress, Luna Lovegood, the Minister of Silly Walks, the ambassador of death, the king of the night and a cat!

On Sunday we celebrated the Day of the Dead. We set up an ofrenda honoring Scott's dad and my maternal grandparents. Evie put out oranges and small bits of favorite foods. We also put up our family chain--a giant paper chain with the names of all our relatives, dead or alive and far back as we can remember. We have 171 links on the chain, no new babies this year. It is a wonderful way to begin thinking about Thanksgiving and the blessings we receive throughout the year.

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