Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the Right Place

Evie's heart was full today. First we went to the store to buy supplies for one of the animal shelters for which we volunteer. Evie bought bleach, paper towels and air fresheners using money she and a friend earned selling ice cream this summer. We spent five hours with animals--all bunnies and cats. We groomed a matted, scared old cat and got him to purr. We befriended a feral kitten new to the shelter, romped with kitties of all ages and rejoiced (and were sad) that some of our favorites have been adopted. I could feel Evie's energy all day, she was vibrating.

We came home and she took charge of dinner and an after dinner cake project. She is buzzing because today we were in the Right Place.

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Tracy said...

Hearing about this day makes me buzz a little, too. Wonderful story of giving.