Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't know, I've never tried!

Above is the response I hope is first to Evie's lips when asked if she can do something she hasn't done before. Next, I hope she tries. There are lots and lots of things Scott and I have never done so we try to model the same attitude. Yesterday Evie asked if we could make a souffle for dinner. She has encountered descriptions in a number of books recently. My response? "I've never made one! Let's try!" We followed the directions from good ol' Mrs. Rombauer, then we tiptoed around while it was in the oven, pointedly NOT doing front handsprings in the living room. It was yummy! Well, Evie said it was too cheesy, but it worked!


Frank said...

Ooooh, Joy of Cooking is my kitchen Bible when I need to be orthodox but my momma taught me to cook New Orleans style so my general approach is more heterodox.

Our younger daughter, Chloe - 14, always says she's my sous-chef!

Eluciq said...

Great motto to live by...i bet the souffle was delicious...i mean what could be wrong with too much cheese...hee ;)