Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just a little higher

Adventure is one of the foods Evie craves these days. She is entering the Emotional-Being stage and it is a whole new ball game. No longer is the child the center of the universe, they begin to decipher their own feelings and those of others thus coming to understand their own interrelatedness with all life. Worries about death, justice, responsibility and fairness abound. Emotional impressions and the development thereof are of utmost importance. Adventure, travel, charity work, mentorship outside the family, powerful myths, lots of animal time and time in nature and attention to fairness and honesty and right-modeling are what these truly newborn beings need. It is exciting as a parent, and terrifying.

Today Evie exploded with confidence and eagerness and excitement and all we were doing was climbing a wall. Scary, exhilarating and safe all at once--perfect.


Eluciq said...

Evie and the boys' would just have a blast together...oh boy!

Love the shots of Evie is so AWESOME to watch our children grow and take chances... :)

denise said...

Oh, my oldest LOVES climbing walls. He started on wee walls when he was 4 - it is great for his meticulous nature. We don't climb much in the summer (hot in there!), but we have been venturing out again to climb this winter. SO fun. I love your shots! They are awesome! She did quite the big wall!