Friday, September 26, 2008

Um . . . somehow this is Friday

Yesterday was spent doing experiments and baking banana bread. Evie and a friend made an excellent fort and some interesting looking potions.

Today the house got cleaned, groceries purchased, bike ridden, coconut crema latte enjoyed (actually, this one made my knees go weak), logs rolled. Oh, the debate. A friend left a message on our answering machine saying "As near as I can tell, the word 'change' was mentioned just about as many times as the phrase 'Miss Congeniality." Right. I can't fathom this country without the leadership of Barack Obama as the next president--this is an amazing, exciting and scary time in history. This round requires more than just personal voting--take action for what you believe.

We are going to try our hand at geocaching this weekend and take our first "backpacks" only camping trip. I will report in on Monday.

For a good dose of adveture from your armchair, check out the blog of some fellow area-homeschoolers as they jump into life for a year in India--Smells Like Nag Champa

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