Monday, September 22, 2008

How Far Back In Time?

Last night we lay on the driveway at my parents' farm gazing up at the stars. We had spent the afternoon gabbing with friends and picking hickory nuts, my dad built a bonfire and we sat and talked. The stars were plentiful and we looked at Jupiter and 4 of its moons through the telescope. As we were laying there Scott asked, "I wonder how far back in time we are looking?" What an amazing thing to ponder.

The question stayed with me today as went about our daily life. We spent the afternoon with friends, Evie and her friend made cookies, my friend and I pondered the difference between "education" and "learning." We both came away with new ideas. I have recently been reminded that we must always ask "WHY?"

Tonight we made boats out of recyclables in anticipation of a challenge group we are starting next week (more to come on that later). In the tradition of John Harrison our experiments were named "E1," "E2," "J1, and "L1". You have to read the book to find out WHY?

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denise said...

It is a time of new groups. We started a new US group last week and are slowly working our way into what kinds of things kids want to do.

Can't wait to hear more about that project! ;)

Must be wonderful to have a place to go where you can see the stars...and not just city lights!