Thursday, August 28, 2008


As a person who loves to plan and make lists I always approach "the unknown" with a certain amount of trepidation. Today we took our chickens to the studios of Wisconsin Public Television to be filmed with their former owners for a show called Director's Cut about independent filmmaking. Talk about the unknown!

The chickens were amazing. They were calm, happily sat on laps, cooed contentedly and didn't poop on anyone or anywhere in the studio. Apparently it was quite an event to have livestock at the studio because about 16 people showed up with their personal cameras saying "Is that the chickens?" They were the consummate poultry ambassadors.

AND we got to see the making of a TV show. The host, Charles Monroe Kane, was delightful and really took a shine to Evie (big surprise, ha!). He ended up referring to us several times in the interview and actually had us come on set for a short conversation at the end.

Ya' never know what might happen next.


BB said...

My congratulations to you .

Nice pic ^ ^

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denise said...

Ah, I saw their photos of this on their flickr account - didn't realize they were your chickens! ;) Fun.