Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open for Business

Evie and her friend, I, have been planning to open an ice cream stand all summer. The name of the business is "YUM E LIQ" because the girls' initials are EL and IQ--very clever! They primed and painted an old wooden box we had, scavenged a giant umbrella and Scott and Evie added wheels and handles. Today was the big day! I took the girls to the grocery store where they did some comparison shopping. Evie capitalized the business with earnings from her pet sitting jobs. After choosing three novelties (popsicles, ice cream sandwiches and fudge bars) they packed them in ice, got some change our of Evie's piggy bank and set up shop. They put a sign on top explaining that profits go to Shelter From the Storm: All Breed Dog and Cat Rescue.

It was a hot day and they were swamped! One very generous man gave them a donation of $8.50! The girls made about $15 in profit--impressive in that their most expensive item was $0.75. I was so proud of how they calculated everything and took their expenses out of their gross to use to buy more ice cream for next time. Evie will make their donation today when we go to work at an animal rescue event.

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