Sunday, July 13, 2008


Wow what a week! Evie and her friend, Espen, has an amazing week at camp. They worked on Spanish Web, silks, mini-tramp, tumbletrack, low casting, tightwire, globes, unicycle, hoops, German Wheel, triple trapeze--I am sure I have forgotten a few. Evie LOVED Spanish Web and silks and that is what she did in the final performance. Seven hours of circus activities a day made for one tired set of kiddos. I kept busy with visiting old places and friends and running around with Espen's three younger siblings. To top off the week Evie had a log rolling tournament at 8:15 in the morning on Saturday so we got up at 4:30, drove, she rolled, got 2nd place in the most difficult match she has had this year. We drove home and collapsed.

A busy week ahead. It is county fair time!

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Eluciq said...

Wow is definitely right...your post made me tired.

enjoy the country fair...don't work too hard.