Monday, May 05, 2008

In Bloom

It really is fun to say "no" sometimes! I have said "no" to three major undertakings in the last week. All of a sudden I have time to enjoy hanging my laundry and to make new things for dinner! Scott is in his first full week of his new job and we are definitely still figuring it all out.

This past weekend we went to our State homeschooling conference. Scott presented on baking artisan bread, he was a huge hit. I enjoyed the workshops I did with Evie most, including cake decorating, origami and storytelling. She also did one on vet medicine and ballroom dancing with Scott. We all loved the evening folk dancing, slept horribly in the dorm rooms and counted our blessings again and again that the WPA: Wisconsin Parents Association has worked so hard to make homeschooling so reasonable in Wisconsin.

Evie and I went on a guided wildflower hike at the local arboretum on Sunday. It was a big group, our leader was wonderful. We learned a ton, saw beautiful things and of course my heart swelled with pride as Evie easily interacted with people of all ages, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm. Several folks commented on how much she knew about the natural world, and a few asked me "what I did with her." "Let her be herself" was my smiling reply.

Evie has horseback riding this afternoon after we spent the morning with friends. She got to wash a horse, lunge a different horse and she begins practice for her first horse show at next week's lesson.

I am sure cloudy days (metaphorically speaking) are in our future, right now I am just enjoying being in bloom

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denise said...

We sadly missed the conference. Too much work and no way it would work with a three year old in a dorm room. At least, MY three year old! ;) And no good hotels within walking distance, surprisingly. Maybe next year!

I would have loved the bread workshop!

Saying NO is very hard for me...but a relief when I do say it sometimes.