Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I seem to be having trouble making the time to blog! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday seem to hum along quietly and then Thursday hits and life is crazy until Monday again! This past weekend we were at another log rolling tournament. It was the biggest tournament we have been to and all the cheering and camaraderie was great. There was a #4 log (the smallest) and Evie got to practice roll with some of the big girls. Last summer she could barely stay on it by herself and now she almost tossed some folks in the water! She won her division again, this time the trophy was a tiny birchbark canoe, she was very pleased.

Toady she made a metal detector. (Yes, it really works.) It was "Free Cone Day" at Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shops so of course we had to take advantage.

I have a big catering gig this weekend, I had to make everything vegan and gluten-free, it really challenged me! We also have a homeschooling conference this weekend, the first time we have gone as a family. Scott is presenting (on artisan bread baking) and Evie is REALLY excited about several of her workshops including "Cake Decorating" and "Ballroom Dancing."

I have the most awesome friends who gave me two really cools books for my b-day last week, I have been devouring them, I am also back to running, training for a 10K at the end of May and then ramping back up for another marathon next year (only one every five years--I'm not crazy!)

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Eluciq said...

your life is so full...i love the logrolling picture of evie...that is so cool!