Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy Moley!

Well, since last you read of our humble life, I had a birthday and Scott got two jobs! Two of our local farmers markets opened for the outdoor season, we spoke at an Earth Day conference about local eating, we turned up and weeded our community garden plot and we began considering living without a car. We recorded one of the most important documentaries of our time and, of course, hung out more laundry.

Where to begin!

As of May 1st Scott will be the Customer and Community Relations Coordinator for the RainReserve™ Rain Barrels, Diverters, and Water Conservation Kits Program for Sustain Dane. We are SOOOOOO excited! Sustain Dane is a local non-profit dedicated to making small improvements to increase sustainability in all areas of life. It has an awesome Board of Directors and we are excited to see where it leads! Don't you all need Rain Barrels? (More to come on this, you can be sure.)

Scott also helped create a new trade show for outdoor reps this week and began putting together the infrastructure for a huge tradeshow to happen in July. Not that any of you are outdoor sales reps, but you can click here to admire Scott's ingenuity.

You can read about our market adventures here and be amazed by Dane County Farmers Market by clicking here and here. The second link is the most amazing and detailed site I may have ever seen. My dad is the manager of that market and he worked hard to get that site working well--it is stunning!

The documentary is KING CORN, check your local listings.

Let's see--so much happening and yet hanging my laundry always keeps me sane. Stay tuned people, it is interesting road ahead!


Eluciq said...

You are an amazing family!

Love the new job Scott...that is fantastic.

What a fun and energy filled blog post.

denise said...

Cool! Congrats.

We definitely plan on installing rain barrels soon. Just are trying to meet with the HOA rules, so a combo of attractive and not a fortune is our goal. Hoping to get them in within the next few weeks. Along with a larger composter. :)

And Happy Birthday!!!!

You are always so super busy *dizzy*!