Friday, March 28, 2008

What They Did Today

I work on Fridays and usually Evie is with my mom but she is out of town this week so Scott and Evie had the day together. Lately I have gotten tired of being the "idea mom." I am looking for a little more independence and initiative from Evie. Today Evie really had her ideas and she and Scott had a blast--I think I need to take notes.

They baked cookies.
They wrestled (with costumes).
They read comics.

Then Evie went out to play with the chickens and ended up building a way cool fort. She told Scott it needed a wishing well--so they built one! Evie designed it, Scott refined it and they both made it. It was wonderful to come home to so much happiness and creativity.

1 comment:

denise said...

Look at that! You have a normal yard which was dry enough to stand in, with sun! I knew most people had normal much for this new urbanism thing, I tell ya... ;)

Looks like that wishing well turned out great. Good job!