Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trying Something New

We have chosen, as a family to live without school. We have chosen instead to, in the words of Grace Llewellyn, "pursue freedom." Why? Because it feels authentic. Because it means making decisions based on our real lives not on the expectations of institutions. I could go on and on, the upshot of this idea is that we live outside the box but are still constrained by the shipping container (i.e. society at large). To that end we still need to make money (I realize there are ways to change that need too but right now we are HERE). We are working hard to piece together ways to make money, ways to create, ways to pursue interests, ways to be together etc.

I like to write (have you noticed?) so recently I started exploring the possibilities of writing online for pay. There are a lot of scams out there! There are also a fair number of genuine opportunities for freelance writing. Sadly, the number of those freelance jobs that are in my areas of expertise or even interest are few and far between (I am not too into sports or cars). I am pursuing a few and hope they will be fruitful, I also decided to give blogging for hire a try.

PayPerPost is a a company that "offers bloggers and advertisers the tools and strategies necessary to build effective social media campaigns." Blogging helps keep me sane. Blogging reminds me that we are not the only family out there trying to live this life. The internet allows me access to resources and products all over the globe. Blogging allows me to meet people all over the world, learn about places I might never see in person, and find information that makes my life better.

PayPerPost is a way for me to pick products and services I am interested in and blog about them. It is a way for advertisers to reach a different audience than they might through other types of campaigns. Basically I drive traffic to a site via my blog. The technology of the internet has given birth to a new type of social interaction. Rather than being limiting, as some claim, I find it liberating. I am excited to experiment with this way to make a living.

I am extremely impressed with the company so far, I have had actual contact with a real person to answer my questions--in a timely fashion even!

Every sponsored post will include a notice indicating that it was written for PayPer Post. I don't know how many there will be, I plan to keep the focus of my blog the same--livin' a free and interesting life. This venture is all a part of it. Wish me luck!

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Eluciq said...

You amaze me Jenn! You are truly an inspiring family...and we are extremely proud to be friend with you...all three of you!

tiff and the guys :)