Monday, March 31, 2008


Today we saw the play Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major. It is a traveling performance from the Kennedy Center series for Young Audiences. It was funny, imaginative and clever. The audience however, mostly middle school students, were rude, loud and generally obnoxious. I was appalled but not surprised--being cooped up and ordered around would make anyone go wild when freed.

Evie had riding lessons in the afternoon. She asked her instructor if she could show her favorite horse in May and she said "yes!" It would be Evie's first horse show and she is nervous but really excited. I hope the timing all works out!

We started a Mille Bornes super series. We will play at least a hand each night and after several weeks declare a winner. I remember playing the game so clearly as a kid, Scott too. Evie loves it and thus a family tradition is born. The school I went to had us speaking French from a very early age (2) so I always played the game only speaking French--it is fun to continue to do so and watch Evie figure out what I am saying. She made the coolest discovery when I was saying the days of the week in French (Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi etc.)"Mama! 'di' must be from the Latin 'dia' for day!" Holy cow I never saw that! "Lundi" is "lune-di" just like "Monday/Moon-day." Just because "day" is "jour" in French I never made the connection--zowee I love life with no school!

Of course we finished the day with Dancing With The Stars.

Tomorrow we have a friend over all day, I wonder what the day will bring! Evie slept until past 11:00 yesterday, she must be working on something big in her sleep. I wonder what it is!

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denise said...

Always such wonderful things happening there!

11? Ahhhh, I look forward to the day the boys sleep past 6-something! :)