Friday, February 29, 2008


The other day Evie was talking about pretend magic versus real magic. I asked what the difference was. She said pretend magic was things like tricks from her magic set, sleight of hand or a prank designed to amaze. Real magic was the unexpected, wishes granted or a dream come true. She also mentioned that she feels like deja vu is some sort of real magic. I thought those were very cool insights.

That night she pulled out her magic set to dazzle me. She pulled out a box that can be used to make things disappear and she mused that perhaps her lost watch was inside. She tapped the box, opened it and . . . there was her watch! She looked up at me, startled, and said "I think that was REAL magic!"

Along those same lines, I know that my current, well-paying job will be ending in June. I am hoping I don't have to work as much or out of the home. I decided to put out to the universe that I would like some at-home writing jobs--maybe even blogging ones. Three opportunities passed over my doorstep. I have applied for two and we will see if the third materializes. I hadn't written a resume in 10 years! I am hoping for some life magic--the real kind!

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