Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did ya' ever think about . . .

WOW the lunar eclipse was awesome last night! We have skylights in our bedroom so we laid on our bed and watched in happen. The whole process seemed so fast, we could literally watch the moon enter the earth's shadow! Saturn and Regulus were so bright--of course it helped that it was well below zero and cloud-free here!

Observing celestial events always astounds me because the rotation of the earth, the orbit around the sun, the greater picture of our tiny universe comes into tangible focus. It makes me grateful that, no matter what I do, time marches in in a regular fashion. Sometimes we perceive that time is speeding or dragging along but really it goes by at the same speed (give or take a few microseconds) all the time. I am grateful for that when life is challenging--all I have to do is hang on! I am grateful for that when life is good because I don't have to provide the momentum to keep going, I can just enjoy!

Some of my other reoccurring daydreams are a little weirder. Do you ever lay on your back and imagine what it would be like if your ceiling were your floor? Imagine my delight when I first read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and discovered that someone had had the good sense to try it! (With a right-side up kitchen of course.)

My other daydream involves selling our house and everything in it and traveling the world--just observing and learning and meeting people. I usually picture us in Iceland and Zimbabwe the most often.

Do you ever think about stuff like that?


Carolyn said...

Ahhh...Mrs. Piggle Wiggle -- LOVE her...remember my mom reading them to us, then I shared them with my "kids" when I worked at a summer camp, and now my girls. They're not the most "PC" of stories (family-structure wise) but such great tales!

We enjoy your blog -- we're friends of Margie -- miss her not living here!

denise said...

Yes, the dream of selling everything and living in an RV to travel the americas...then also exploring around the world from there. Iceland, yes! Ireland. Japan. New Zealand. Belize. Nepal. Sweden. I've been thinking about sea kayaking in Nova Scotia lately -- boys are not quite old enough for that, but some day! :)

We enjoyed the eclipse too. I love the feeling that everything is not quite so disjointed...but all connected in both minute and massive ways.

Eluciq said...

oh Jenn I could just see you, Evie and Scott walking on the ceiling going about your days!

Of course with the kitchen in full use...giggle :) made me think...and wonder...I loved the Mrs Piggle Wiggle too and all her eccentric ideas.