Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I faded into the woodwork for a few days and gained back some mama strength. We went to St. Paul for the Frozen Feet Logrolling Invitational. We stayed with good friends, played and watched some wicked good logrolling!

Evie came in 1st in her division for regular rolling and 3rd overall in the girls speedroll. She is developing some nice friends on the team and is getting comfortable with the attention she garners with her skills but is still casual and unaffected about the acclaim. She didn't even mention winning until she got home to call grandma and grandpa--then she was appropriately and joyously excited!

Here is my little lumberjill puttin' some folks in the water!

And here she is playing the 678,912th game of Ring Around the Rosy--she is a good friend!

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Shana said...

She is an AMAZING log roller. So much natural talent! And the best part? Supportive parents.