Thursday, January 03, 2008

One step into the new year!

I cleaned a few more closets yesterday, always a good way to start a day!

Evie made the most spectacular and delicious cake ever with her new bundt pan. Included in the cake were 4 eggs from our chickens including the one from yesterday morning that Evie retrieved while it was still warm! (You will notice the cake is half gone by the time I got around to taking a picture!) She wrote a few "thank you" notes and we took turns making obstacle course for each other in the living room. We talked about nutrition: what is a calorie? what is a balanced diet? what nutrients do we need each day? what foods contain what nutrients? She really liked the presentation of the info from the USDA My Pyramid site. We printed out each of our personal food pyramids and Evie taped them in the kitchen so we could track our progress each day. She was most interested to hear about how food manufacturing has changed since I was a kid and why. She commented that good food choices tend not to have labels! (Fruit, veggies, bulk grain etc.)

Evie really wanted to go skating with her new skates but the city was just clearing off the rinks yesterday. I wanted to ski but by the time we checked out the second rink we were far from home with no skis! We decided on a hike and were rewarded with seeing 7 deer and discovering a new sledding hill.

Friends came over for dinner, the food was spectacularly underwhelming but the company was stellar. SUPER busy day full of friends today--days well lived!

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