Thursday, January 24, 2008

I washed my hair

Well here we are at Thursday already. It is early morning here so technically I guess I am posting about things through Wednesday evening. I got hit with a nasty chest cold and yucky group dynamics. Yesterday I felt lower than a burrowing worm. I don't think there is anything more I can take responsibility for so I am going to try to let the yuckiness roll off my back and move forward.

Tuesday was a blur of snow related activities as we accumulated another 8 inches of the stuff. The first pictures show our borax crystal snowflakes (3 Tbs. borax to 1 cup of boiling water) We had leftover crystals in the bottom of the cups so we dyed them to make different colored "gems" and then we made jewelry. Se my fantastic borax crystal earrings?

Next we preserved snowflakes in drops of superglue and then took pictures of them with our microscope (click here to hear me rave more about our microscope). We examined the different crystal shapes and read about crystal structures in snowflakes and then read more about crystals elsewhere.

Wednesday we went ice skating and started pottery class. We are definitely in the winter doldrums, dinner with good friends last night pulled me out of my slump somewhat and this morning I felt optimistic enough to wash my hair! Today strikes me as a "multiple post" day--we shall see.


denise said...

We've been sick too-blugh!

Very cool project with the snowflakes and superglue!

Eluciq said...

wow..iceskating, snowflakes, crystals, pottery...busy...busy...busy! all the while you are not feeling up to par...wish I had your energy!

glad your hair is clean...giggle :)