Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Day In the Life

Everyone was up by 10:00 (some of us MUCH earlier), breakfast, finished a book, time to bake cupcakes. Then we started talking about a NOVA program we wanted to watch about the Parthenon, which got us to talking about the Golden Ratio, which got us onto Fibonacci which required that we draw and color and look at cool examples of Fibonacci's sequence in nature.

Did an African dance workout video as a family--much laughter and sweat. We sorted our non-fiction books, a big job that really needed to be done. We read about zebras, Evie wrote a report about their eating habits. Then she got out her WI cards that she has collected from various state parks. They show rare species, alien invader species, native plants, protected places etc. I am not sure why, but they get played with a lot. Yesterday they prompted us to make the comic book seen in the next few pictures, you can click to enlarge and read our witty stories.

We did watch NOVA and were completely amazed by what we learned. The original architects worked miracles, and modern-day restorers are equally astonishing.

For bedtime reading we have moved on from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles to The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle. It was written in 1902 and evokes the magic and regalness of the age and the story with delightful language full of "forsooths" and "wherebys."

It was 47 degrees yesterday, tonight is will be -10 and tomorrow a high of only 7 degrees. I think my brain might crack!

That is a peek into our day!

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Eluciq said...

Oh the learning that took place today...I should ship the boys' to you...I am in a funk...

You always seem so busy...and I just come to your blog to get energized...well and to spy on you...giggle :)