Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I completely agree with Denise when she says that it takes early darkness, cold temps and SNOW to make her feel crafty and in the holiday mood. We got another dump last night, fluffy and glorious. We made our animal tree last night, getting creative with our rosemary plant and some bamboo skewers. We also painted ornaments the Tomten brought. Scott and Evie are off skating, I am finishing up a few presents and getting ready to ring bells for the Salvation Army again tonight.

We will bake St. Nicholas Bread today for the feast tomorrow, Santa Lucia day is next week, so much celebrating. THis year I am not even thinking about what we have done in the past or having it all "just so." Our lives are in flux right now and I am trying to remind myself everyday that time and companionship are the best treasures of the season.

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denise said...

It is interesting to see how different the laser cut ornament look when the age is just a few years apart-(we painted some of those too). :) Clean delicate outlines of shapes were definitely NOT a part of our painting time. They all always look lovely though.

Can you believe more snow more snow more snow. Keep cozy!