Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chocolate and Kites

We spent the morning at a friend's house helping him getting ready for his annual chocolate party and pottery show (if you know me IRL and don't know about this party, email me for the details--it is fabulous). We rolled truffles, dipped chocolates, tempered chocolate (okay, a big machine did this), used candied fruit, learned all sorts of stuff and ate chocolate. YUM!

In the afternoon we met other friends at a park. The dad had brought kites which are always magical. Evie and her friend then found a discarded origami crane and a piece of string and made their own kite. They were both so proud and even though it didn't really fly they ran and ran with it and looked beautiful.

The evening was spent rearranging the playroom and Evie's office. I love to watch her puzzle out how things will fit and what she wants to use where. Lots going on!

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Eluciq said...

So sweet...in all ways!

I want those truffles...yummers!

How fun a chocolate and pottery party...now that sounds like a fun night out.