Sunday, August 12, 2007

New things

Today Evie and Scott fletched some arrows Evie made out of dowels. They took a piece of pink foam insulation and headed for an open field to shoot some arrows. It was the first time Evie had enough space and a real target, a good time was had by all.

We finally got rain here over the last week and two days ago a lovely crop of Clorophyllum molybdites sprang up in our backyard . We were disappointed to learn they were poisonous but very happy to learn about the site which helped us identify them. Any homepage with a big button that says What's This Thing in My Yard? is exactly the kind of resource I am looking for!

Scott baked our bread for the week today. He put a thermometer in the oven door and it registered 660 degrees--yowza! This bread is 100% 100 mile.

Tonight we are out to my parents' house for dinner, warm, fuzzy family-ness and viewing of the Perseid meteor shower--can't wait!

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