Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wild Rumpus!!!!

Evie had her circus camp performance last night. The kids were FABULOUS!!!!! It was a privilege to volunteer at camp this week and get to know them all. Evie was vibrating with excitement from the moment she got up yesterday. She was amazing, everyone was amazing. She is just a remarkable human being and I am lucky to be her mom. She is already asking about camp next year and about what other opportunities may be out there--turns out there are quite a few! The camp is called Wild Rumpus and while they are at camp they go by their circus names, in Evie's case, Evie Rumpus.

Evie and her partner dancing on stilts. The balance required to use a pole with another person is incredible, they whipped theirs around like it was a piece of cake.

Balancing a feather and trapeze--the discipline that started it all. Evie took a class at age 3 from the camp director and was HOOKED!

The end of the show, Evie and Isabella have been friends since they were babies.

It is funny, when I graduated college our commencement speaker was Maurice Sendak ("Where The Wild Things Are, " etc.) His final words to our graduating clas were, of course, "Let the Wild Rumpus start!" I had no idea that those words would come to mean so much!

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