Monday, March 19, 2007


My mom outdid herself last night at Evie's Japanese-themed birthday party. My mom is the queen of theme parties. As a kid I had a masquerade ball one year, a Cyndi Lauper look-alike party, a Hawaiian party etc. etc. For Evie's party my mom sewed kimonos for everyone, my dad made a new base for the dining room table so it was low and we sat on cushions, there were lanterns and umbrellas, it was all gorgeous. We made sushi and tonkatsu chicken and had a Mt. Fuji chocolate cake. Her presents were from the grandparents (we will give her one on her actual b-day, tomorrow). She got a bonsai garden (with bamboo instead of bonsai) and little figurines and rocks, she got a coloroku puzzle game, a peach blossom baby and a tanagrams book. We are so lucky to have my parents close by and that Scott's mom comes for her birthday every year. It was a wonderful evening!

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Eluciq said... much fun! We wish we could have been with you all dressed in Kimono's...what a great day!

Happy Birthday Evie...early!
tiff and the guys :)